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Maritim & Transport Law

Is one of our main activity. Offering our clients a specialised service in the resolution and advice in all those questions arising from navigation, shipping and land transport, in the judicial or extra judicial actions, or simply consultations.

From our based office in Cádiz we can operate all Spanish territory.

We are also helped in our actions by a large net of auxiliary professionals, like technical naval engineers, captains of Merchant Marine, marine surveyors which gives their very best point of view to reach an favourable judicial decision.

  • We work with regards to:

- Shipping Transport and Charters
- Legal constitution of shipping
- Navigation accidents
- Ports and Merchant Marine
- Maritime responsibility. Security and the Environment.
- Maritime Insurance

  • Shipping Transport and Charters

- Shipping contracts.
- Multimode transport.
- Contracts of maritime towing.
- Passenger shipping contracts.
- Loadings know how. Bills of lading and similar documents.
- International trade and credit documents. Import and export.

  • The ship

- Construction and sale of vessels.
- Entry in the Shipping Register.
- Shipping mortgage.
- Shipping exemptions.
- Shipping liens.

  • Navigation accidents

- Collisions.
- Maritime salvage.
- Freight claims.

  • Ports and Merchant Marine

- Port legislation. Administrative concessions and authorizations.
- Shipwrecks and discoveries. Historical-cultural patrimonial.
- Disciplinary process

  • Maritime responsibility. Security and the Environment.

- Owners liability. Limitation of liability.
- Application of SOLAS and MARPOL conventions.
- Application of others international conventions, as STWC

  • Marine Insurance

- Hull and engine insurance claims
- Safety cover, goods and claim for damages for loss of profit.
- Civil liability.
- Fishing cover.
- Protection and indemnity and coverage for liability in the maritime world. P&I Club assistance in the area.
- Shipping Policies interpretation.
- General and particular average.
- Domestic and international arbitration. Recognition and execution of awards and foreign judgments.